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What if an adventure in nature could help you discover the answers to your most important questions?

Do you believe that a harmonious, joyful and in every sense FULL life really exists? We've packed the 10 most memorable days of summer with practices, lectures and experiences that will give you a taste of fullness and a chance to get to know yourself. So you will leave the festival as if you were on a retreat - rested, inspired and closer to yourself.

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A festival for families and everyone

The festival started with one person looking for something more - inner happiness, wholeness, and spirituality. In ten years, we have grown into a festival that attracts thousands of participants, we have gathered a community and have become a centre of attraction for a conscious lifestyle in Lithuania. Our aim is to invite people to discover a deeper connection with themselves and others.

Masters of Calm is a world full of knowledge, cultures, religions, experiences and peace. Every year, the best local and international masters of self-care come together to share their knowledge that improves the quality of life and strengthens the common human bond. Everyone comes and finds an activity for themselves, whether they come with friends, a partner or alone.

A festival is also a wonderful place for a family holiday. To make it special and for everyone to enjoy - not just the children - we put a lot of emphasis on children's activities. While parents go to lectures and seminars, children enjoy a separate programme just for them, as full and varied as a children's day camp.

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What kind of holiday do you want this year? Do you want relaxation, nature, inspiration, adventure and meaningful time? Dreaming of a holiday for your body, mind and soul?

Masters of Calm will remind you that a harmonious, joyful and in every sense FULL life really does exist! Here you can combine quality relaxation in nature with self-discovery. It's like a self-improvement retreat or a leisure camp, the duration and programme of which you choose. Come for 2, 3, 5 or all 10 days. Tai – tarsi saviugdos retritas ar laisvalaikio stovykla, kurios trukmę ir programą pasirenki pats. Atvyk 2, 3, 5 arba visoms 10 dienų.

What awaits you? Yoga, exercise or meditation in the morning, lectures and practices during the day, dancing, workshops or conversations in the evening around the campfire. More than 70 teachers, 140 lectures and experiences, 20 types of yoga, meditations, lots of awareness practices, workshops and outdoor activities! And in the evenings, there will be 4 cultural spaces with concerts, dances, evening entertainment and bonfires.

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Why is it worth coming?

  • It's where you'll become more OPEN with others and yourself.
  • You will get the tools to create a happier daily life and better relationships.
  • You will meet a positive and accepting community where it is comfortable and safe to be yourself.
  • You will experience what it means to live a life full of adventure, colour and emotion.
  • Escape to a different reality from routine and work.
  • Relax in the spectacular natural surroundings of the clear and longest lake in Lithuania - Asveja.

Here, time disappears and so much happens in a day that it's hard to believe it's the same 24 hours.

Escape to nature

This getaway is for you to go alone or take your most precious people with you. You can try yoga or meditation for the first time, or take part in a variety of advanced training and workshops. Live in a tent, stay in a campervan, learn about sustainable living and experience the joy and stunning beauty of nature and life itself.

Išsiilgusiems atostogų

For friends

Lectures aren't everything!

Why is Masters of Calm a fantastic place to bring friends together? Because the program is so varied and wide-ranging that there's something for everyone. You won't have to think about food, you can just enjoy each other's company and try new activities together that will enrich your relationship. Entertainment and pleasure await you from morning till night. Legend has it that it is the reason why the 15-minute journey to the tent can take up to 3 hours.

For families

When was the last time you felt like everything was taken care of on holiday? The food, the program and even the kids' activities...

At the festival, we have separate activities for children aged 3-12 and teenagers aged 13-18. During the adult lectures, the children will be supervised and occupied by the supervisors of the experiential camps Whatansu. So you can spend your time without the kids - just do some self-care or just read a book in a hammock.

Three meals a day with several different dishes, and a special children's table with kids' food for the little ones. Our warm outdoor showers make life in the tent easier.

For couples

Looking for ideas for things to do together that are not only fun but also strengthen your bond and maybe even help you sort out what's stuck in your relationship?

Do you still remember the butterflies in your stomach when you and your other half are trying to do something together? Like meeting for the first time! Discover practices, lectures and activities to help you understand each other better. Relax in special spa programmes for men and women. We want you to have every opportunity to grow, dream together and become Masters of your relationships at Masters of Calm.

Even more, fun if you come by yourself

How many times have you turned down a trip or event because you couldn't find someone to go along with?

There's no need to wait - when you arrive alone, the biggest adventure happens. Some make new friends, others fall in love, but ALL discover something important about themselves. In short, there's no reason to turn down the experience!

It is simply impossible to feel lonely at a festival. Don't have a way to get there? Festival participants are happy to give each other a lift to the festival, and during the journey, they become so close that they even become tent mates! For this purpose, we have created a special ride-hailing group in the run-up to the festival.

We will take CARE of EVERYTHING.
All you have to do is show up!

The ticket price includes everything you need for a comfortable and memorable holiday!

  • Lectures and seminars
  • Three meals a day (warm, nutritious, colourful vegetarian food and a separate table for vegans)
  • Evening concerts and cultural program
  • Childcare
  • Parking space
  • Space for tent
  • Outdoor activities and recreation areas
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Taste a holiday full of development, where the only task is to choose which lecture, practice or activity to attend today.

Discover in the programme