Sufi and Robin

Experience/ field of expertise:

Sufi (Yun Yang): She has lead dance healing meditation group for many years in China, and have a professional psychological counseling background. Currently she commits herself to lead people to touch reality, awaken awareness, meet self, meet the life through dance, voice, walking meditation.

Robin (Ruibin Duan): Zen meditation coach. China registered psychological counselor, China registered trainer. Member of China Mental Health Association. Worked in psychological counseling and mental health training more than 15 years. Do workshops in more than 15 cities in China.

My mission in the festival: It’s liberation from the suffering in the different degrees. I’d most like to share this, I’d most like to help the people awakening from the mind.

Story of my change: After years of Zen meditation, my life transform from the world of the mind to the world of the awakening. I was beginning connected with my inner body, my body is getting healthier. The consciousness, the pure consciousness arise from inside, the happiness raised from the deeper inner. The life is not visible, but can be touched with the consciousness inside.

Topics in the festival:
Awakening and Zen meditation.