Petra EatJuicy

Experience/ field of expertise: Holistic health nutritionist – Alive academy; Certified raw food chef – Sunfood nutrition school; Certified detox specialist – Hippocrates institute; Medicinal mushroom elixir craft chef – vitalis academy; Reiki level 2 master – Hawaii reiki college; Theta level 2 master – Stibul theta academy; Yin yoga / Hatha yoga teacher – prana yoga academy;

Mission in the festival: To inspire and empower people – and shine my light to give others permission to do the same – and meet fabulous people and experience the Lithuania culture.

Story of my change: My mom died of cancer over 15 years ago – all these practices is what I learned to try and heal her – since then I became a holistic nutritionist and detox coach – i started using all these techniques and recipes to heal my own body and to inspire others to heal and feel amazing in their life.

Topics in the festival:
Super Hero level Vegan. How to transition to the vegan?
Manifesting your reality with tools that actually work.
Women’s I am amazing circle.
Cleanse and detox safely.
Become a green smoothie gangster.
Morning Chant circle 108 OM.