Peteris Urtans

Ekspertinė patirtis: owner of the RigaBrain training center, Occupational therapist with 14 years of experience in working with 7 000 clients, helping them to maintain a good brain! NeurOptimal  nonlinear Neurofeedback practitioner. He has given lectures on more than 50 different topics about brain function and Neurofeedback. He’s also helped to open practices in Latvia, Lithuania and gives consultations to clients in Estonia, Russia, Norway, Finland and the UK.


Paskaitos aprašymas: 

  • Do I have a good brain?
  • What does it mean a “good brain”?
  • 10 questions to ask yourself about Your brain? –  A quick brain self test!
  • 6 points what to do every week to maintain a good brain.
  • What questions to ask to help to change Your brain to a better brain?