Martin Aylward
Vyrenijus Andrijauskas

Ekspertinė patirtis: 

Martin has been teaching meditation retreats and guiding students worldwide for over 20 years. He spent his early adulthood years in Asian Buddhist monasteries and with Himalayan hermits. Martin draws on the depth of traditional meditative practices and inquiry to point to a liberated life through a full and free engagement with everything we meet. He is author of several books, has trained over 200 meditation teachers from 30 countries, and leads a community at the centre he co-founded in SW France. Martin’s teaching style is profound yet playful, pointing to the immediate possibility of deep experience and understanding, challenging us to awaken and transform.

Paskaitos aprašymas: 

Martin Aylward (online) – Peace, Presence and a Free Heart. (EN)

Do you long for peace, but are unable to stop? Is your restless, busy mind pulled around by fear, desire and habit? Do you have real depth of feeling, yet not know how to give it best expression?

Our time together will explore how to show up, slow down, and meet life more fully and freely. Real meditation uses the ordinary experience of this very moment, to train the mind, free the heart and be intimate with ourselves, others and all of reality. Lend me a little of your attention, and let’s explore together.

Ko išmoksite išklausę paskaitos: 

  • You will learn how to use your immediate, natural experience to be more awake, grounded and relaxed.
  • You will find out how your habits of mind create unnecessary tension and drama, and how to let go of them.
  • We will explore the natural essence of being present, including all the wrong ideas we easily generate about being ‘in the present moment’
  • You will discover a vision of living fully and freely, and maybe a taste of a wide open, peaceful heart.