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So I’m brazilian 42 years old , and i have doing sport since 4 years old , i start with swimming and i did some short triathlon , but i became better in martial arts sports so i have been training brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 30 years , and i been professional fighter 20 years and fought MMA , westreling , grappling . I won from National brazilian championship and European championship , world champion , and medalist at world champion too , and i have titles in countries like , Denmark , Sweden , Norwegian , Finland , Portugal , and i was the coach of national team of Kazakhstan

But brazilian jiu-jitsu forme is not just about Championship or make Champions , is my philosophy of live and my live style too , so true this yes i have been also help and create movimentos and better training mental and for health go different people’s too , as people’s are different and come for this sport for many different reasons

So i work also to people that was or are mentally week = basically don’t have confidence at them self , or woman’s that had trauma or some trouble because got attack before and didn’t know how to deal with this kind situations = learn self defense . People’s that have trouble or want loose weight or get more stronger

Kids for becoming more active , or get better discipline or learn how to control more they angry ,or want learn fight .

So brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be useful for many ways and for many different purpose .

My idea is to show very simple movimentos and exercises so everyone can learn it , show self-defense for woman’s adults and kids too . So i hope i could make this sport more recognize at your country.


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