Dhruv Mehta

Experience/ field of expertise:

Mission in the festival: My passion, purpose and profession is the same thing. And that is to help as many people as I can find their path. Of course, using the wisdom of astrology, insights from my own spiritual explorations and scores of effective techniques I’ve picked up along the way.

Story of my change: Couple of personal losses including my father’s sudden demise and esoteric experiments gone wrong triggered a period of 6 years that I call the Dark Night of the Soul. With loss of meaning in life and the unanswerable questions about the nature of death and what happens after death, spiraled down into Panic, depression and anxiety. But what pulled me out of the dark night was the realization of the connection of everything. I got back not because I found God or found true self, but because I began feeling this connected with everyone and everything. And with that started a new mission to help others find their answers, find their peace and most of all, find their path.

Topics in the festival:
Is Life Predestined Or Is There Complete Freewill?
Comfort Zone: The Invisible Prison. How To Break Free And Live With Courage?