Cristiano Martins

Experience/ field of expertise:

Mission in the festival: My contribution to this festival is to be able to create the favorable conditions, through music and dances, so that we can go in a incredible adventure into the center of ourselves In this research process it is also important to recognize that we are the fruits of Life and that unity is our fundamental reality.

Story of my change: From a very young age until the age of 20, for me people were strange creatures with whom i wanted to get closer but i did not have the social resources to do, I lived a lot within my bubble of intimacy, dreams and feelings and my body was essentially a mass that allowed me to move from one side to the other but without the ability to mirror or express who I was. From that date on I started to explore different forms of therapy and expressive arts until I met Biodanza for me the Pedagogy of Being, that invited me to update a huge number of potentials that lived hidden, it was like the sun, nutrients and water necessary for my identity to flourish.

Topics in the festival:
Biodanza “Human Tribe” dance.
Biodanza “Creativity” dance.
Biodanza “Balance our identity between masculine/feminine” dance.