Experience/ field of expertise: Vivek

Mission in the festival: Satsang with Vivek is an invitation to deepen your spiritual awakening.Through dialogue and meeting in stillness Vivek is guiding you to your true being. Through Viveks presence it is easier to reach deeper levels of consciousness and experience self realization directly and profound. The awakening from your ego happens in a natural way. You are not only realizing, but also learn to live this art of being permanently. Through being close to Vivek transformation happens, from limited ego into conscious being.

Story of my change: As a young businessman Vivek was very successful in reaching his own professional goals. He achieved this success at the expense of his own physical and mental wellbeing. He felt trapped on a permanent treadmill of thinking and doing. He had the realization that none of these exterior-goals were bringing him happiness. This led to a radical change in his life; the deep longing for freedom and awakening made him sell everything and he started his journey of self-inquiry. Spending time with his teachers Shanti, Gangaji and John de Ruiter he experienced the transformative power of Advaita. Here his search ended with a clear self-realization.

Topics in the festival:
Satsang with Vivek.