Julia Krakova

Experience/ field of expertise: Professional Human Design teacher. Over 7 years of experience. Offering a variety of Human Design topics, including Introduction to Human Design, Mechanics of Relationships, Human emotions, Human Design and Career/Money, Human Nutrition, Sexuality, Human Design Meditation, Child Development Analysis.

My mission in the festival: Sharing the System of Human Design which shows the differentiated way of deconditioning from the Mind into the reality of the Physical body.

Story of my change: My Life is a constant change (just like everyone else’s one), but since I discovered Human Design System, the change has been an aware choice-less process where I am following the wisdom of my physical body that leads my to the Truth of my Being.

Topics in the festival:
Introduction to Human Design.
Human Design + Emotions
Human Design + Mechanics of Relationships.
Human Design + Child Development Analysis.
Human Design + Human Sexuality.
Human Design + Career/Money.
Human Design + Meditation (leading together with Joseph Pepe Danza).