Dan Brule

Experience/ field of expertise: Dan is a modern day spiritual teacher and healer. A world renown pioneer and authority in the field of Breathwork (Conscious Breathing). Adept in prana yoga (the Hindu science of breath) and Chi Kung/qigong (Chinese medical breathing exercises). Leader of the Spiritual Breathing Movement. Since 1970, Dan has trained more than 150,000 people in over 65 countries, including Olympic athletes, military special forces, leading psychotherapists, corporate executives and other peak performers, to use the breath as a tool for health, growth and change in Body, mind and spirit. Dan is the author of “Just Breathe” (now in ten languages including Lithuanian).

Mission in the festival: Teach participants how we can use the breath to clear and quiet the mind, relax and energize the body, heal emotional trauma, release energetic blocks, open our hearts to love and connect to Spirit!

Story of my change: Since beginning breathwork 50 years ago i have not had any kind of illness–not even the common cold, the flu, or a single headache. Breathwork has helped me to perform with excellence in many high stakes, life and death situations. More importantly, breathwork has allowed me to awaken inner peace and be a living force for world peace. It opened the door to the high states and extraordinary abilities once reserved only for the great saints, masters, yogis, mystics and warriors of ancient times.

Topics in the festival: The Art and Science of Breathwork. The Path of Breath Mastery.